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Press Coverage

Two donations

Fresno Bee
December 5, 2005

After reading about the change in plans for the proceeds from the Christmas Tree Lane walks [story Nov. 30], there were a couple of things that came to mind.

While the Tree Fresno people came up with the idea for the walks, they will not be possible if the Christmas Tree Lane Committee cannot keep the lane viable.

Our family has so enjoyed Christmas Tree Lane for many years and even more so since the Tree Fresno members came up with the great idea for the walks some 14 years ago.

The biggest thanks of all needs to go to all the homeowners who live in the area and deal with the added traffic and delays at such a busy time of year.

The simple solution is for everyone who enjoys a Christmas Tree Lane walk to make a generous donation at the end of the walk and also send a check to Tree Fresno to keep our city green.

Jan Yoshimoto




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